Consumers Energy: 5 Things that are making your energy bills soar


We are on the verge of entering into the deadliest season of them all – summer! It is already dreadful to just think about the intensity of heat that is going to blow our minds away. This is why we rely on things like water electrical coolers and air conditioning to help us keep our sanity intact in extreme summer. However, one worry thing that does not let us rest is the sky-rocketing consumers’ energy bills that we have to pay throughout summer months. We try to compromise a little by turning off the AC and saving power usage by not running the washing machines or turning on the television.

Little things that can make the difference!

Have you tried turning off the television and not using the air conditioning for more than a few hours per day but still the consumer’s energy cost does not seem to go down drastically? Well, it is because you are making some very serious and grave mistakes that you need to work on correcting right away if you want to avoid paying huge sums of money every month! Let’s have a look at the 5 mistakes that are making your bills soar higher and higher without you really knowing about it.

  1. Keeping your vents closed

The one grave mistake we all make, knowingly, is to keep the vents closed. We think this is the way to prevent the cooling from leaving the room. The truth is, however, the other way round.

  1. Trusting roof fans to work better than standing fans

We usually trust the roof fans to work better than standing fans and think that it makes the room cooler. The fact is that it does not and even interrupts the efficiency of other heating-killing electrical appliances. In this regard, standing fans are better because they not only consume less power but make the rooms cooler by spreading the air in all direction.

  1. Keeping the charger turned on!

The tiniest act that we do is allowing the laptop or mobile charger to stay plugged in throughout day and night. We think that it is merely a charger and what possible difference could it really be making. Stats reveal that plugged in charges increase the total energy bills by 7%.

  1. Using the washing machine during day

A serious mistake we make that makes the bills rise is using the washing machines during the day. It is made clear repeatedly that electricity consumed during day time is charged according to peak hour’s rate. So you can instead start washing the clothes in the evening and you will be surprised to see how one small thing can make a huge difference.

  1. Using all kitchen gadgets and devices like normal routine

While many of us believe that the maximum energy is utilized by the big electrical appliances like the television and air conditioning, we think it is perfectly okay to keep using the little things in the kitchen to perform daily tasks. Of course, we think it is all part of the routine and what difference can it make! The point is that in summers per unit cost is increased multiple times. Hence, using the electrical kettle can actually be costing you almost the same like 15 minutes of TV!

Author: Lester Walters