Why there are more music lovers on Soundcloud and YouTube

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Soundcloud and YouTube have been the most favourite social media spot for music lovers. But with growing social media and so many other options for music, why there are more music lovers on Soundcloud and YouTube? Soundcloud and YouTube both are very popular and been providing entertainment to people and also acting as great platforms for introducing new talents in music industry. There is no doubt that both of these have been in our lives for a very long time and providing us with free excess to our most favourite old to new songs.


Almost everybody loves music. The taste in music may vary but we all love hearing to our favorite singers and beats. Just imagine, what if even access to our favorite music becomes a burden on our pocket? So YouTube and Soundcloud are those options which provide with high-quality music free of cost.

YouTube has a vast data for old to most recent music with videos. Now they have introduced the option of downloading so you can enjoy them offline. On the other hand Soundcloud easy to use and allows you to make your own playlist. Also on Soundcloud, you can share your playlist or listen to a playlist of some other friend.


The world is full of unrecognized talented singers and musicians. Before the times of social media, it was very difficult to get yourself recognized. But now with the blessing of YouTube and Soundcloud, you can create your own channel and upload your music and even music video. The audience on these sites is all interested in music so you have the right kind of audience to target. These platforms have helped many singers to get themselves recognized and start a proper career in music industry.


You do not only find original tracks of the artist, there are millions of remixes and covers of tracks present on these sites. So if you get bored of one track, you can find many different tracks which are remixed and sound extremely good to ears. The diversity offered on these platforms is commendable. You have all the options to try due to which they are very popular among music lovers.


Soundcloud and YouTube both offer good quality music. So without splurging on tracks, you can get access to music good sound freely without any legal issues.


Even the people of music industry pay serious attention to these two. The number of likes, views, shares, and comments lets singers and musicians see their progress in the industry. It helps them to see directly how their fan following is going and gives them a direct quantitative measure of their own progress.

The reason for why there are more music lovers on Soundcloud and YouTube is very much evident. The quality and vast audience they have gained over time ha made it the all-time choice for music lovers. Meanwhile on Instagram, if you just create a page, you can buy real active Instagram followers.

Author: Lester Walters