Awesome Soccer

The play is realistic with several ways to control the movements. The action is amazing with bending and swerving the ball in both directions. There are penalty shots, fouls, offsides, yellow and red cards and even shoot outs. In the upper left corner of the screen is an overview of the field and the players while you are playing on the ground.

There are 12 preset competitions from around the world with appropriate team uniforms to choose from and with realistic graphics. Not only are there pre-set games, but you can create custom leagues as well. In addition players can collect “Golden Balls” for different achievements throughout your play. Another great feature of Awesome Soccer is the slow motion replays. This is similar to watching your TV set with the match highlights.

Some of the negatives of this game are the 2D artwork although well done, it’s still flat, you have to get used to the directional keys plus 1 action button, the pass and shoot are the same keys, and there’s no multiplayer option. You can play against one person on the same computer. Most of these factors can be handled with time and practice. The others can be on our wish list.

With that said, Awesome Soccer is a fun game for those who know how soccer is played and enjoy the game. If you know nothing about soccer, it would be difficult to pick up the knowledge in this game. Of course, if you’ve grown up in the US and around the world, almost every child, both boys and girls, have been on a soccer rec team at one point of their childhood. This Mac game is for hardcore gamers who know and love the sport of soccer.

Features of Awesome Soccer:

  • Realistic Play
  • Great Sound Effects
  • Slow Motion Replays



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