Avernum 5

This is the land the Empress’ army will send you, a person who has not always been an ideal soldier and in the wrong place at the wrong time. You must prove yourself worthy in this hellish underground or die trying. You must choose your fellow soldiers wisely and for their strengths and weaknesses. There are 3 different races in this world: Human, Nephilum (feline people) and Slithzerikar (lizard people living underground).

The Empire is counting on you and your team, so choose wisely because Dorikas and his band of monsters, bandits, and misfits in the deep recesses of the caves of Avernum will not let you leave easily. Your only help may be the cave dwellers, but they may try to kill you also so beware of your back.

There are hundreds of artifacts to be found including magical spells and weapons. The blessing magic is useful for hard fights. When in combat you can end a characters turn by clicking on him or pressing the space bar. There are lots of keyboard shortcuts to enhance your play. The world map on the left side of the screen will aid you in your strategy. This game is so large with its epic story line and huge environment to wander and search through the dark cavernous land that it will take you hours of battling foes and finding needed spells and artifacts.

In the beginning you get your sea legs by wandering around the brick passages and exploring the different movements and artifacts to be found there. The movements were quick and fast. The RPG play where you choose your statements affects what happens in the play and changes the story with your choices. You never know what’s right or wrong in this tale.

The fighting in the beginning is a little dull with little action in attacking the stationary enemies but this kind of play is great for anyone new to fighting games.

Avernum 5 is similar to Kivi’s Underworld without the fast paced myriads of attacking zombies in random battles. It has an intense story line, over 50 spells, many unusual encounters with foes and villains. The play to kill the enemies is to click on the bad guys and the movements can be fast and easily handled even for a casual gamer looking to getting into RPG games. Avernum 5 is a good starter game for all those new to the play.

At Org we decided to have our casual gamer, Meg, and experienced player, Trackbum, both try out Avernum 5. Obviously Meg had to read and learn many new things, and she struggled through some of the maneuvering of the soldiers in a straight line. In fact they were running around in circles and was quite funny to watch. It took a while but her soldiers eventually fought courageously through a battle. Meg found the sounds eerie and cave like. She gave the game 3.5 stars.

On the other side of the spectrum, Trackbum sat down without reading anything and knew what to do at every turn. The start of the search was a little boring for him but as the story progressed he got into the play more and more. He knew the sounds were the usual cave noises and was not impressed by them. However he gave Avernum 5 four stars for the battle disciplines and rpg plays.



Martin is best known for deep conversations on impostor syndrome in hobbies, a deep-seated fear of zombies, and a love of RPG's rivaled only for his affection for Batman.