Avernum 6

As you recall from Avernum 5, there are people and others like the Slithzerikai or the lizard people living in the once, desolate caverns of this underground society, if you can call it that. This was once the Empire’s prison where people who rebelled lived in vast cavern-like areas connected by dark, extensive tunnels where life was run by brawn and muscle. Now Avernum and the Empire are at peace, and it is a wild frontier with strong rebels looking for wealth, fame and magical powers.

Of course, all good things must come to an end and blight hits suddenly causing the mushrooms to die off in this underground society. Avernum depends on these mushrooms for nourishment and this supply is gone causing hunger and desperation across this land. Any time there is weakness, unsavory characters will come out and try to destroy the helpless causing famine and warfare to proliferate. Most Slithzerikai are civilized, but a few in the north led by evil warlords gained control over the weak. Avernites fled the useless underground land through a portal to the world above. A select few volunteer to fight the evil.

You are one of the volunteers and start out this game as a private guarding the food supply from giant rats, looters and goblins. As in Avernum 5, you also have control over 3 other people. Unlike 5, you start off with these people instead of choosing them at the beginning. You can move them in sync or separately. In battle, however, each person is controlled individually and you take turns battling the enemy.
The play will take you through a tutorial if you need it. The actions are done by clicking your mouse and some keyboard shortcuts like picking up things and spells. You can use the arrow keys to move your people, but it’s easier if you use your mouse. This is not your usual hack and slash game, and it will take tactics to defeat the many enemies you will encounter. There are large battles with smaller skirmishes in between. The journey through Avernum is dark and dangerous. Most of the areas are in too dark to see until you light it up and continue on your journey. The map is an immense help. There are countless tasks to complete, people to talk to and items to find. The play is full of spells and battle disciplines, but half of the intrigue in this game comes from the writing and story line. It is full of twists and turns, both literally and figuratively, treachery, a little humor and, of course, fighting.

Avernum 6 is for newbies and gamers alike. The difficulty levels are casual, normal, hard and torment. Take your pick if you dare. Although the graphics are simple, the intense story strengthens the play. There’s very little music (only at the beginning) but it is filled with eerie sound effects throughout the dimly lit land. It is an epic tale coming to the end of a great play. I liked Avernum 5 and I like Avernum 6 even though there were small differences. Be sure to block off a lot of time to play this huge Mac game.

Features of Avernum 6:

  • Enormous World
  • Hours of Adventure
  • Final Tale



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