County Fair

Russ Pendleton’s last wish is to see his county fair business thrive, prosper, and make people happy. You are his only known relative who can make this happen in the Mac game County Fair. You will be provided funds from Uncle Russ, and will be assisted by Randal who knows how to run a fair. You need $3,000 to start so you can pay bills. The goals are on the right side of the screen, and the calendar lets you know how long the fair will run and you are off and running. You need to buy your rides (small, medium and large), and you need mechanics to build and maintain the rides. Then there are tabs along the top of the screen to switch from buying rides to hiring employees, food stands and advertising. You need the discount coupons, newspapers, TV ads to attract your guests to your county fair.

If all this is not enough for you, you get constant announcements that the health inspector will be out, the guests are unhappy with the cleanliness or lack of it, there is a security problem at the gate, and the worst one is that you do not have enough power for the rides and you cannot pay for more. When you get such an announcement, you must act quickly by clicking the red alerts to take care of the problem or adjust your needs such as more security officers, less medical staff and always more sanitation workers to alleviate any discomfort or violation at the fair.

All these problems and profits are beautifully graphed and outlined for you in the accounting section. You can quickly access how much you are making and how much you are spending. This game covers everything including awards and prizes you are winning for hiring 10, 20 people and other such winnings. This sim game is so realistic you get stressed out trying to figure out how to keep the fair afloat without going under. Don’t forget to raise your entrance fees for the most cost effective way to raise more funds. With practice and good math you can turn a profit and keep your guests happy with wonderful rides, delicious foods, clean environment, and a safe county fair.

County Fair is very challenging, but well worth the effort you have to put in to learn how to run a successful business. This is your traditional sim time management game in the lines of Roller Coaster Tycoon. Once the rides, food stands, shows and employees are in order and working harmoniously, you see your fair running like a fine tuned machine and your enjoyment and pleasure begins. Work hard and make Uncle Russ happy with his fantastic county fairs.

Features of County Fair:

  • Rides and Attractions
  • Set Up Confections
  • Fairs All Over the US



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