Din’s Curse

In the game, Din the all mighty god verbally directs you, the low life who made major mistakes in your prior life, to get you to this indefensible position where you must justify and correct your misdeeds. As crazy as this setup seems, it works. You rally to the defense of your townspeople and fight to the death against the most ferocious of enemies. A terrific feature of this play is if you should die, Din will resurrect you to start again. Check out the descriptions of each bad guy on the website: http://www.soldak.com/Dins-Curse/Monsters.html. Soldak has detailed every little thing in Din’s Curse. The major feature in this game is the randomization of the world. Each town has it’s own set of problems and quests for you to resolve. Each one is a surprise, leading to hours of play time for gamers from novice to hard core. Also you can play as a single player or co-op multiplayer action game.

The game is time dependent and whatever you choose to do will result in either dire consequences or increased reputation. You will be instructed to go and kill Barry the Beast before he starts a revolution. You need to heed the warning and take care of this matter right away. There are other instances where you can put off, but it can be dangerous to do so.

As in most rpg games you must keep track of your health bars on the upper left side of the screen. The stats are available for you to peruse when you get a chance, and choosing the class of your avatar and the skills are important to improve your outcome in situations. From the skill sets you can choose your person to be a warrior, rogue, priest, wizard, ranger, conjurer or create a hybrid from 2 skill trees from any basic class. The only problem with a hybrid is that you are limited to 2 choices and with a template you get 3. You right click to to assign the skills and up and down to change it to one of the other skills. If you think about it, there are a lot of characters you can create and play in all sorts of combinations in randomly created towns.

Every time you begin a new game, the quests and layout changes. Every new character you make starts off in a new town, another dungeon and different monsters to battle. You can set the level for your monster’s strength, but this will increase as you go higher in the dungeon. Start with 0 if you are new to this type of play and higher if you are an expert. The range goes from 0 to 24, but be forewarned there are a lot of enemies who will come at you.

Not only are you battling monsters and enemies, you must also collect your loot in order to advance in the game. I think the best part of Din’s Curse is the story and reading into what you must decide on when told to act and act immediately or something dreadful will occur. Any warnings should be taken seriously or you will suffer for it. Be careful to stop any fights between your enemies or they will gain levels and champion status when they kill other groups. In addition, watch out while you are in the dungeon because enemies can escape to the town and attack the people. If you rush back and save the town, you can keep your reputation, but if you are slow to move, townspeople can be kidnapped or killed and this will cause you to lose reputation. The only upside to killed people is you can search them for loot—morbid.

Completing all quests for a town will save it and earn you a chest full of loot from Din. After the fireworks, you can go back to the dungeon and explore more or start a new town.

There’s a lot to do in this rpg game. Flip a lever to cause an explosion, use a poison trap or make the roof cave in on your enemies. The artwork is retro simple with a little more color than their other rpg Kivi’s Underworld, but it does the job. The play will surpass the background scenery. There’s very little music at the beginning with strange sound effects that create the eerie atmosphere of the dark dungeons. Invisible barriers are troublesome and will block you from moving, but you can make your way in a different direction.

Make your choices wisely because your actions will have impact in this random world of monsters and warriors. You need to pay attention to your surroundings and read the text. There’s so much to do in this game from looking for loot to fighting lots of enemies, including moles who can cause serious damage. Have fun with Din’s Curse. It is intense and full of many different options for hours of playability.

Features of Din’s Curse:

  • Randomization
  • Lots of Fierce Enemies
  • 141 Class Combinations



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