Fairway Solitaire

The main play is the solitaire card game where you select a face up card from the board that is either one higher or one lower than the face up foundation card at the bottom of the screen. Strategy and thinking is involved in order to use up all the cards on the board. And, like in golf there are sand traps to bypass by finding the sand wedge to overturn the cards. There are also water hazards to conquer. If you play 6 cards in a row, you will get a long drive. At the top of the screen you can see your progress on the golf course. The mulligan button is the undo or retry, but you get only 1 mulligan per hole.

Throughout the game you hear running commentary from 2 golf announcers regarding how you are playing. Just like watching a golf championship match on television. Polite applauds are scattered through your plays. What happened to the guy who yells out “in the hole”? Your scorecard is similar to the card you use in golf showing your pars, bogies, birdies and the eagles. In addition, you can win tournaments for extra points and shop in the pro shop for your golf needs like a polo shirt and pants to dress your golfer. The game allows you to win tournaments and big money by playing under par so you can unlock other golf courses. Another way to get more money is to have a 20 or more card run.

If you are not into golf, you will learn a lot of lingo to impress your golf playing friends next time you get together. There are a lot of golf facts you will learn in this game. I found it to be repetitive even with the mini games, but if you like this type of card play, the golf aspect gives you a little more interest to the play. So watch out for the sand traps and score a birdie.

Features of Fairway Solitaire:

  • 70 Courses
  • Funny Running Commentary
  • Golf Clothes Power-Ups



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