Farm Mania

Anna needs to help her grandpa take care of his farm. He is getting older and it is difficult for him to care for everything by himself. Your job is to help run this farm by earning and selling the produce and animal products. The game has 2 modes of play: Arcade (timed) or Casual (no timer).

You begin the play by soliciting the pumpkin seeds at the bottom of the screen to plant in the patch of dirt. The game will let you know what to plant and how much to plant. Pay attention to this because it will make a difference in your play. I just planted what I wanted and did not make enough money for the purchasing of a duck, but the game assumed I should have made enough money and would not let me go on to the next level and would not let me buy the duck because I didn’t have enough money. It was a vicious cycle until I decided to get out of the game and start over and follow the instructions. To begin the play you click on the pumpkin and then click on the area where you want to grow the pumpkin. Next click on the well, and Grandpa will fill a bucket of water to irrigate your vegetable garden. After watering you need to click again on the patch to hoe, and click when the pumpkin is ripe. Click to pick up the pumpkin and click on the bicycle to deliver it to the market. Afterwards the bicycle rack will have your money for your pumpkin. Click on it and it will go towards your earnings.

After your level is complete, the game takes you to the shop where, if unlocked, you can purchase different kinds of seeds, equipment, and farm animals. With the additional purchases your farm will earn more money quickly. When you purchase animals, they have additional needs to keep them healthy and happy from pumpkins and cabbages. They must be fed so Grandpa must harvest the crop to feed them, and they need water so he has to go back to the well for the bucket of water. If done properly and fast, the duck will lay eggs to sell at the market.

Other plays are the pig is the trash bin and will take care of useless things, crows will tear apart the crops so click on it to scare it away, and the rabbits if you click repeatedly will get rid of them for good. Another side game is the sheep hidden from the wolves. You must find 10 sheep in the scene.

Farm Mania will get hectic after several levels so many chores to accomplish, but this is what the farm life is all about, right? The graphics and sounds are good and the play is enjoyable. Save Grandpa and his precious farm!

Features of Farm Mania:

  • Life on the Farm and Country
  • 60 Levels
  • Arcade and Casual Modes



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