GL Golf

Fore! You don’t hear it too often, and thank goodness you don’t, because if you do, there’s a hard golf ball coming your way and you need to duck. However, it’s good to hear because then you are on a course playing golf, but if you can’t be on the greens, you can play GL Golf either on your ipod, iphone or Apple computer. GL Golf is a great golf game to pass the time no matter what mode of equipment you use to play it.

I’m reviewing the Mac game version of GL Golf. First and foremost this game has a lot of options to choose from to make your play as realistic as possible. You can choose the course, what kind of club to use, different color balls, and more. You can play from the different types of tees depending on your level of expertise. The white tee is regular, the blue is expert and red is ladies. Hey, where are the gold tees for seniors? Some of the choices are a little weird like which season you would like to play, because all those who do not live in a cold weather area like the northeast US, you wouldn’t know that all the courses close down during the winter months. I think some diehard golfers would like to be out there on the courses in the snow, but it would ruin the greens. Also who wants to play in the dark? The ball is hard enough to see as it is so your best bet is to play in daylight. In addition, real golfers will never take unlimited mulligans. I don’t think they would take even 1, but hey, if you are practicing or new to golf, it’s a good thing.

The play is simple after making all your decisions. You click on the space bar once (watch the swing gage so as not to go past the line and hit the ball at the strength you want) and then again to make contact with the ball. The distance is given to you like on the scorecards or now the new gps gadgets for golf courses. Tapping the golf ball into the hole feels realistic since I always putt too hard and it goes past the hole, and the same happened in this game. After a few tries, you get the hang of it and you’ll be able to master this action easily. Also the undulating greens are represented so you know to hit it to the right or left. You get all the data needed to make a good shot: the overview of the hole, wind velocity, yardage, etc.

Whether you go to the driving range (practice mode) or play the tournament mode, you’ll enjoy this game almost as much as going golfing itself. It’s easier to play than going out and dragging your bags out to the golf course, and has a lot of the bells and whistles of the real play minus the exercise. The music is a little too laid back with a lounge type 70’s sound (is the song called More?), and could use an upbeat tune to relax and improve your game.

This Mac game is not your Tiger Woods’ PS3, X-box, WII play, and it doesn’t represent itself as such, but it is still well made and good fun. GL Golf is what it is, a plain, retro play for when you are not traipsing through the rough or sand traps, and want to spend a pleasant afternoon hitting some golf balls.

Features of GL Golf:

  • More than 22 Courses
  • Driving Range or Tournament
  • Lots of Options



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