Gunslinger Solitaire

If you like solitaire, cowboys and Indians, and funny cartoons, you’ll like Mac card game Gunslinger Solitaire. The cursor is a gun and your click shoots the weapon. Bang!

The object is to clear the screen of all the cards by shooting a card 1 lower or 1 higher than the card below. If the deck card faced up is a 4, then you look for a 3 or a 5 card on the game board. If you do not have either card, then click or shoot the deck faced down to deal another card. Making multiple matches will give you more points. Some of the cards will have bonus games like shoot the bags of money, aim your bow and shoot the target and more to break up your basic solitaire game. Some of the games will have you reloading your gun when you run out of bullets. Just click on the red reload button to continue on your game. These games will gain you more money to use at the country store for helps like the undo knife.

Gunslinger Solitaire is a basic solitaire game with just matching the card higher or lower, but in many instances if you plan your attack with some strategy, you can make the most matches. You’ll get stats on your cash, bonus, time and more. There are goldmines and treasures to find. The artwork is a cute, colorful cartoon and done well. The music is an easy strumming guitar appropriate for the western theme. If you like this type of card game (a similar one is Fairway Solitaire), you’ll enjoy this one with its sound effects of guns shooting and arrow sailing. This game is not difficult and makes for a relaxing time. Get your trigger finger ready and shoot away. I give it a 3 out of 5 for one great shootout.

Features of Gunslinger Solitaire:

  • Western Solitaire
  • Mini Action Shooter Games
  • Colorful and Quirky Cartoon Characters



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