Kingdom of the Seven Seals

Princess Vita and her trusted fairy and unicorn must save the kingdom from a wicked witch who placed an evil spell over the entire realm. Seven seals of the king are missing and without those artifacts the people fell to the witch’s curse. Only the Princess and the fairy escaped notice and they are the only 2 who can release everyone from this hex. The seven seals are the powers to rule and control the kingdom. This makes it very attractive to the witch, and she also is on the look out for them in this adventure, hidden object game.

You play as the Princess traveling trails throughout the small kingdom. You go from site to site talking to the residents of the village and enter their homes to search for objects. The people and animals will ask you to perform a task or get them an item they may need in turn for a favor you are asking of them. Once you free the unicorn from his spell by getting his horseshoe for him, you can ride him instead of walking the paths. This makes it a lot faster. The map will show you where you need to go and there will be an explanation mark at a home you need to enter. Be sure to click on the doorknocker when it appears, or like me, you may crash the game. You enter the home or site of the person who needs to speak to you and find out what they are requesting. You also will play a short, easy hidden object game. After receiving your quest, you need to travel to another location to free another person from the curse and to get what they want or do whatever they asked. The map will show you where you are and where you need to be so it makes traveling the tangled passageways a lot easier.

A block in your path will be the pirates who will demand money from you to cross the bridges. There are many streams and lakes throughout the kingdom so there are a lot of bridges. Princess Vita is penniless and must make her money in casinos with slot machines to earn money and jewels. This is not difficult since you will win after a few tries.

Kingdom of the Seven Seals is a fairly simple HOG but the tasks and quests can get confusing later in the game. Also traveling, even on an unicorn, is a little trying. You click ahead of the Princess for the 2 to move to the spot, and with all the winding curves and forks in the road you will be doing a lot of clicking to get to a site. Some of the mini games also can be trying with very little explanation or reason for it. Figuring out the water filter is one of them. I use the skip button whenever possible. One great feature of this game is the fastest recharge of the hint button. The artwork and the fantasy characters are drawn quite well. That’s about the best thing I can say about this game. I thought maybe it could be a children’s game, but with all the casinos located in the village, I thought otherwise. Also the confusing aspect of some of the plays, the clicking and traveling through the town, the short HOGs are not conducive with a good game. I give it a 2.5 out of 5 for falling short in game play.

Features of Kingdom of Seven Seals:

  • Fairy Tale Story
  • Hidden Objects and Mini Games
  • Meet Unique Fantasy Characters



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