King’s Smith

This game is simple and straightforward to pick up the play easily. As the blacksmith you must buy rusty, old equipment from the vendor in the wagon. He will offer many types of wares at different prices. You will be able to tell whether the price is good or not by the thumbs up and down. You don’t need to worry if you turn down a price, another wagon will soon come along. After you buy from the vendor, you place your rusty part on a stone platform or put it in your workplace. If you place it on the stone, it will produce revenue for you. If you place it in the smithy (the building with the outdoor fireplace), a worker will leave the home and work on your piece. Once completed, you hang your ware either back on the stone platform or to sell at the bottom right. People will come look at your goods and offer money for them. If you like the offer, you can accept payment, but if you turn down an offer, they may come back with a higher price. You will be able to determine if a price is good or not by the thumbs.

Like other sim games, the stats are all on the bottom and you will get audio confirmation for many actions taking place. As the play progresses, more wares will be offered for you to refinish and sell. In addition, you will need to buy raw materials (often goes on sale) and build more buildings (need blueprints) to expand your business. It can get quite busy as you go along, but with a shop with many upgrades, your work will not hinder you. Once you meet your goals (top left), you go on to the next level. There are more options to choose from like gold swords, more buildings to erect and employees to hire.

I really enjoyed playing this Mac sim game where you can haggle with your vendors and clients for a better price and building your blacksmith business. It was easy to learn and play. The game started off a little slow but once you got into it, it’s very addictive. The cartoon characters and background were entertaining and the music appropriate to the time period. Try being a blacksmith who can be cost effective and take over the entire business for the kingdom.

Features of King’s Smith:

  • Haggle with Vendors and Clients
  • Sim Time Management
  • Blacksmith for the King



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