The Adventures of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates

There’s a lot of different things to do in this match 3 game from beating out your enemies to fighting monsters the action packed play keeps you moving along the treacherous map to your final destination Skull Island in either timed or untimed modes. Whatever your fancy, you can switch if you feel differently in mid play. The main map is the Caribbean Map and each location on that map will take you to smaller maps for different types of match 3 puzzles, mini games, treasure hunting or fighting opponents from ghosts, sea monsters to other pirates.

The match 3 game is to swap items to make 3 or more identical tokens in a horizontal or vertical row. Depending on what type of game you are playing, you will beat enemies, gain more pirates for your ship, gold, health, weapons and more if you win the game. Just remember to not let your opponent get the creepy skulls down to the bottom of the game board. Mini games can consist of navigating through murky, waters to get treasures, equipment or face your doom if you click in the wrong areas. You’ll need to go to Pirate School to get your sea legs and then venture into deeper waters to complete your quests.

In addition to the match 3 plays and their many side puzzles, you can get to a casino location and play keno, poker, wheel of fortune and slots. It’s like being on a cruise ship.

The Adventures of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates is a game for match 3 players and casino players. It will keep you moving from one game to another, although some of the mini games may get tiring and repetitive, overall play is exciting. Even the story about poor orphaned Mary Ann swabbing decks and turning herself into a real pirate leader will peak your interest and keep you plowing forward looking for more riches, enemies and Skull Island. This is a fun and entertaining match 3 game and with everything else included in the play like the casino games, it brings life and vitality to the genre. I give this game a solid 3.5 out of 5 for a jolly good time. Lift the curse and become the leader of the pirates!

Features of The Adventures of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates:

  • Fantastic Pirate Tale
  • Match 3 Fun and Mini Games
  • Casino Games



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