Vegas Penny Slots

You get your choice of Dragon Dollars, Golden Vault, Gallop for Gold, Kalahari Sun and Egyptian Dreams. Each one has its own theme. Dragon Dollars has an Asian theme with Yin-Yang symbols, fire-breathing dragons, Chinese characters, blossoms and more. The Gallop for Gold is a horseracing theme where the bonus game is a race and if your horse wins 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, you will get different amounts of money. The Golden Vault has an interesting bonus game with locked safes. There are 5 vault knobs at the bottom of the screen and when you click on the arrow, the spinning dial will slowly stop. If you land on the green area, you unlock the vault door. When you unlock 3 dials, you win the jackpot, but unlock 4 and get 10 times the jackpot or 5 dials to win 100 times the jackpot. They appropriately call this mini game Billion Dollar Jackpot. The Egyptian Dreams channels ancient Egypt with Cleopatra, scarabs and more. Kalahari Sun takes you to African adventures with wild animals. Each game will have its own distinct games. All have the same free games spin and will automatically roll the awarded rounds.

All 5 games have the 5 reels and they can be expanded to 6 by clicking on F6. All are your regular slot play where you click on the Spin button at the bottom right to activate the reels. To its left you will find the up and lower Bet button where you can raise or decrease your bets. To the left of those buttons you will find the Autoplay button where you can press this button once and it will spin automatically for you. To the left of that button is the Roulette and Gamble where you can lose all your winnings in a double or nothing wager.

Vegas Penny Slots is colorful, full of imaginative artwork and fun mini games. However, if you are not a slots fan, you may not agree. If you like slots, this game has 5 games in one for your money. Not bad since they are all different types of games. Slot plays are an individual preference. It does get a little boring since you do not win or lose real money. You can even play it in autoplay so you do not have to do a thing. Talk about a lazy gamer. Actually, I prefer to play auto probably because I’m not much of a gambler. It’s up to you. If you like slots go for this game with it’s authentic sounds of the real thing. It has everything most slot games have and more. I give it a 3 out of 5. Take a gamble and win the jackpot.

Features of Vegas Penny Slots:

  • 5 Different Games
  • Fun Mini Plays
  • Large Jackpots



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